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Our mission is to prevent the spread of animal-to-human disease through research,education, ongoing action and community engagement. 


Richard Lerner
Dafne Ginn

Founder & CEO

Richard is a native Chicagoan, currently banished to Massachusetts. He has degrees in Veterinary Medicine and Public Health (and Musicology!). In addition to running PAZ, after founding it two years ago, he still practices veterinary medicine, takes care of his two children, and serves in the United States Army Reserve in the Army Medical Department. He is bribed easily with gifts of food. 


Co-Founder & COO

Dafne’s passion for nature, animals, education, children and helping others inspires her work at PAZ.  All her life, Dafne has used her passion to engage others, building teams that are motivated to work together to achieve their goals.  Dafne is also an active volunteer who gives generously of her time and effort to national and local charities.  Each year she organizes Trike-a-thons, generating contributions for St. Jude’s Research Hospital while teaching children the importance of safe biking. Locally, she delivers food for County Harvest, making sure that food gets to the people most at need in her community. Born in Cuba, raised in Miami, and living in New York, Dafne is equally at ease communicating in English and Spanish


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