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Welcome to PAZ's New Blog

We've got a new website, and a new blog to go with it. We've been at this two and a half years now, and some of our original challenges are still there: Money, of course, but also just getting the word out. I've gotten much better at asking people for money, as well as accepting the denials when they happen. A word to those of you who said no: I may ask you again. To those of you who have been incredibly generous and helpful during our startup pains, I will definitely ask you again. If you don't have any funds to give, that old car sitting in your driveway can be donated as well, and if it is a 1954 Buick Skylark Convertible, all the better. We can treat a lot of patients and prevent a lot of disease with that beauty.

If you have expertise that you care to lend to us, we are also open to that. An accountant, a web person, a fundraiser, are all among the people that we need to help us out.

The picture above is from our last trip to Iquitos, world's largest city that isn't reachable by road. Its 400,000 inhabitants and its tourists have to arrive and depart either by boat (via the Amazon) or airplane. We are planning another trip there in the not-too-far future, where we will be collecting urine from the street dogs (another glamorous endeavor!) to look for the bacteria Leptospira, a zoonosis of constant concern in these type of environments.

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