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My End of the Year Giving

YOU MAY have noticed from my last post that for my personal giving that I am not restricting my donations to PAZ-related causes. That's because there's a whole lot of sufferin' in this world (besides succotash) that isn't caused by zoonotic disease. Moreover, happy things--like your local orchestra and library --need help, too.

Today's recipient of my Tikkun Olam Fund is Families for Depression Awareness.

Depression is the leading cause of suicide. It causes a pain that leaves no aspect of life untouched. We have made progress and removed some of the stigma from this illness. However, at least a third of the population still thinks of depression as a character flaw--something people should bootstrap themselves out of--rather than the disease which it is.

Families for Depression Awareness works to educate the public, provide resources for families seeking help, and reduce the stigma that is associated with depression. Please consider them in your end of the year donations.

(Of course, donating to PAZ is always an option, too)

(Cartoons taken from Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh)

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